Long Shadows Glow in the Dark


Long Shadows Glow in the Dark is an open-ended astragalomancy (casting lots) poem intended to be consulted with the assistance of the included custom dice (D10, D6, D6). Drift with the text or develop systems and approaches to divination that possess personal meaning for you. 

How will you choose to commune with your manifold relationships with multitudinous actors in energy, oil, biota, elements, others? In what ways do they choose to commune with you?

Long Shadows Glow in the Dark was originally created as part of School of Oil and Water a mail-order kit project by Fereshteh Toosi that examines our relations with petroleum through a collection of artist-made objects and activities.

This contemplative correspondence school takes the form of an artist book packaged in a box. Our curriculum explores these guiding questions:
– Who is oil and what does oil desire from us?
– Is oil merely a fuel source and material for humans, or could it have other reasons to exist?
– How can we practice relating to petroleum as a vibrant ancestor? 

School of Oil and Water is designed to be experienced over the course of a week. The School of Oil and Water project is a limited edition of 50, produced in 2023.

Long Shadows Glow in the Dark was produced in an edition of 100. If you are interested in obtaining a copy, feel free to Contact.

Images below courtesy of Oscar Salguero and Interspecies Library.