curated by Alex Young
Miller ICA @ Carnegie Mellon University
Spring 2020

Looking Out was a photo and video series, originally created in the Spring of 2020 for Instagram's IGTV platform, featuring works by Pittsburgh artists created through their respective windows while sheltering-in-place at the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. This series envisioned and questioned new forms of commons that emerged during the experience of sheltering-in-place.  Looking Out   sought to provoke subtle mutualistic expressions  of collectivity and solidarity amidst a time of isolation that has left a lasting impact on the present.  

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Scott Andrew and Jesse Factor, David Bernabo, Tony Buba, Kevin Clancy, Margaret Cox, Lindsey french, Vanessa German, Steve Gurysh, Chris Ivey, Erin Mallea, Brian McNearney, Carin Mincemoyer, Derek Peel, Centa Schumacher, Shaun Slifer, slowdanger, Willy Smart, Dana Sperry, Ginger Brooks Takahashi, Mary Tremonte, Barbara Weisberger, Hyla Willis, Imin Yeh

Pittsburgh Artists Share Window Views  by Bill O'Driscoll in 90.5 WESA, NPR Pittsburgh

Top to bottom, left to right: 
1. Kevin Clancy, OTHER WORLDS ARE POSSIBLE, 2020
2. Tony Buba, COVID 19 an OBSESSION —PART I, 2020
3. Hyla Willis, Looking Out for One Another, 2020
4. Erin Mallea, Reflection Meditation, 2020
5. Lindsey french, many wreaths for violets, 2020
6. Steve Gurysh, Kinzua, 2020
7. Shaun Slifer, View from Work Desk, Wednesday May 6, 6:40pm, 2020
8. Derek Peel, I Spy, 2020

works in exhibition:
[Looking Out #01] Tony Buba, COVID 19 an OBSESSION —PART I
[Looking Out #02] Shaun Slifer, View from Work Desk, Wednesday May 6, 6:40pm
[Looking Out #03] Erin Mallea, Reflection Meditation
[Looking Out #04] Lindsey french, many wreaths for violets
[Looking Out #05] Chris Ivey, The Reality
[Looking Out #06] Steve Gurysh, Kinzua
[Looking Out #07] Carin Mincemoyer, Sky Notes
[Looking Out #08] Kevin Clancy, OTHER WORLDS ARE POSSIBLE
[Looking Out #09] Ginger Brooks Takahashi, #asians4blacklives
[Looking Out #10] Mary Tremonte, Unconditional Love
[Looking Out #11] David Bernabo, Plant/Pole/Fence/Concrete
[Looking Out #12] Barbara Weissberger, Like diamonds, we are cut with our own dust
[Looking Out #13] Scott Andrew and Jesse Factor, Portals
[Looking Out #14] Hyla Willis, Looking Out for One Another
[Looking Out #15] Margaret Cox, The Day Dreamer and Night Sweats
[Looking Out #16] Derek Peel, I Spy
[Looking Out #17] Centa Schumacher, A Rainstorm That Lasted Several Hours
[Looking Out #18] Vanessa German, untitled
[Looking Out #19] Tony Buba, COVID 19 an OBSESSION —PART II: I, II, and III
[Looking Out #20] Dana Sperry, Confirmed cases of Covid-19 in Allegheny County, PA from March 19 to May 15, 5471 Rosetta Street, Pittsburgh, PA 15206
[Looking Out #21] Brian McNearney, Gutter Ramp
[Looking Out #22] Willy Smart, Subtitles Are Often Yellow and So Are Some Insects
[Looking Out #23] slowdanger, vista
[Looking Out #24] Imin Yeh, waiting